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Originally Posted by GaryS View Post
Hawk race pads are good to 1600 degrees. Ferodo 2500 are good to 950 degrees. I exceed 950 on all four tracks I run at. It's hard not to if you're getting above 120 mph. For reference, your rotors glow orange at 1200 degrees. If that happens, you've probably melted the Ferodos.

With any street/track pads, when they do start to fade, just back off on your braking by lifting off the gas way early and coasting a few seconds before you brake - the opposite of late braking, so your top speed becomes 110 instead of 130. You can do that every other lap and be fine.
That's interesting. Do you know what the stock pads are rated up to? Everything I've read so far states that Ferodo is better than Hawk.