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Dackelone - you are always right on top of things - has anyone posted a DIY install on this. I have not looked at what is involved and the first post spoke of removing exhaust and drive shaft - is that the process - install pics would be appreciated!

Thanks everyone ....

Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
When I had my Perf SSK installed... I did not notice any shifter height change. What you notice is a MUCH nicer more sporty shifter feel. Short throws and very positive action changing from gear to gear. At first its a little notchy... but that goes away once some miles are put on.

So for your N54, I do not think you will see any change in shifter height.

Still I would HIGHLY recommend the Perf SSK! Our csrs SHOULD HAVE come with this from day one.

You can order the Perf SSK thru any BMW dealer. You can either order the entire kit, or order it part by part. Ordering in part by part will save you some cash ~$40 or so.

You need to order: #4, #5, #6 (times four) and #7 for the SSK. Ordering the knob or boot is up to you.