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Originally Posted by instarand View Post
I don't know a whole lot about that 1M... but what does it do better than the new M2 competition? Is it just a bit smaller and a bit more raw? It seems the M2 Competition is a more modern - but seemingly just as small and nimble - version of that 1M. But again I don't really know much about it.

Maybe it's just the nostalgia around the period in recent time when BMW decided to make a smaller more simplistic M instead of a larger heavier M with more and more tech?
Advantages of the 1M over the M2 and M2 Competition

no EPS - the manual rack is simply sublime.. perhaps not the best ever from BMW.. that nod actually might go to the E36 M3.. but close.
manual seats standard
fewer nannies
less weight - 150 lbs lighter than the M2 and nearly 300 lbs less than the M2 Comp

If one is seeking a Daily driver.. any new car has so many creature comforts it will certainly be the better choice. However.. as car used for driving on B roads, or on track... I will take the 1M twice on Saturday and Sunday.

Originally Posted by Advevo View Post
I have had 2 of these white and a black one.

The chassis was a masterpiece for driving b roads. It eats corners for breakfest!

The short wheelbase was awesome.

I have an m2 and an m3 and all i can tell you. They are less special to drive.


Because they are bigger
Because they are heavier
Because the have a longer wheelbase.

Engine wise the s55 is much better. Interiour of the newer car is better.

But if bmw made a new m car with the same wheelbase and weight and size as the 1m with an s55 in it. I would be all over it.

But evey new m model is bigger and heavier and a longer wheelbase and that kills all the fun in driving!

Originally Posted by burnsniper View Post
Lots of things make the 1M special, however these are what stand out to me (and many others):

1. Dat ass - pictures just to not do justice to how wide the fender flares actually are in the back.

2. Looks like a concept car drawing/caricature of a car but is real.

3. Super quick steering and go cart like feel.

4. It's own version of turbo lag ... OMG overboost - wtf I was mid corner and the rear just stepped way out with all the nannies still on and I had to catch it with my own skill; there is a reason a good percentage of 1Ms have been totaled.

5. Designed by engineers for maximum fun - not to hit a marketing budget, spec, fill a hole in the line up, etc.

6. Engine feels laughably underrated when it goes all beast mode; feels more powerful than my M3 ZCP (however the speed at the top end would say otherwise).
the 1M is a car that requires a driver have some talent...... because it can step out on you... it demands your attention in a way that's just exhilarating.
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