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Randy's call on it:
that's what happens when you ask a Porsche racer about a BMW.

I like Randy Pobst.... love that he came up through autocrossing and respect the racing talent.. but he is an absolute Porsche guy.
Yes and don't forget there are big differences between cars on the street and on the track.

You see almost every review these days on the track to show how fast the car is or stable on a track. Most of this doesn't translate to the street and people actually make decisions on what a good or great street car is based on what someone says with a track based review. It's a joke. But it shows just how stupid "enthusiasts" are these days.

Almost as bad as the idiots who buy cars based on how fast it drives on the Nurburgring.

It's one reason a lot of cars are boring these days, cars designed to perform at very high speed are inherently too stable at low speeds of street driving.

Most super fun street cars aren't great on the track. Most amazingly fast track cars are horrible on the street.
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