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Originally Posted by imserious View Post
The 1M would not be the same with an s65. It’s a punchy street car. Not a track car.

Special for sure. A real BMW hotrod.
Originally Posted by Cavpilot2k View Post
I think the 1M and E92 M3 were the last great M cars. And interestingly the 1M was the polar opposite of its contemporary the E92 M3 (low torque vs high revs, spastic and raw vs deliberate and smooth). I liken these badass brothers to James Dean vs James Bond.
I think it's a toss op between those two depending on your preference and priorities. I prefer torque and a little rowdiness (1M), but both have merits.
Everything since then feels like they were designed by corporate committee rather than driving enthusiasts.
even just the fact that there was a time when you had the option to buy both the 1M and the E92 M3 new from bmw. You could have the high revving NA V8 M3 and the torque fun stripped back 1M. I think both the 1m and the e92 together drew a lot of meaning from each other.

The M2 competition and the f80 m4 obviously have the same powerplant, same suspension, and weigh very similar.