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Dumb video and dumb thread. Surprised so many posters took the bait hook, line and sinker.

Truth: There is no best M car.

Maybe there is a top 10 that most would agree on, without a ranking order.

If you could only own one M car by law, different people would pick different M cars.

Why ?

because personal taste - to one guy the M6 is a big pig and the 1M is the perfect size. To another guy the 1M is a small girls car and the M6 is a King's sled.


Weapon of choice differs depending on the venue you frequent most or most enjoy: a 500 mile road trip (M5), a daily commute, the track, twisty two lane, stoplight sprint, Christmas tree drag race, hard parking, race pedigree (E30M), cruising the boulevard, pebble beach, exclusivity (M1), rarity, snow or off road (X5M,X6M), beauty pageant (personal taste), fun factor (don't forget the clown shoe Z3M), collectibility (E36LTW) ......... should I keep going ???