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Originally Posted by The Wind Breezes View Post
JB4 hijacks a couple sensors (adding in multiple points of failure) and spams the canbus to do an inferior job of what reflashing the stock ecu, which has TOTAL AUTHORITY over the engine and over 100 maps modified by the tuner in a custom flash, can do.

JB4 *could* be useful for running auxiliary fueling, nitrous, meth, or some crazy stuff of that sort that the ECU can't control. If you want to run meth, fine, but high ethanol gas mix gives same power with considerably more safety if your fueling is there. Meth also has inferior drivability at part throttle, even with the best progressive controllers.

If you're not doing any of that stuff, the jb4 is a joke on you. I want whatever is best and I've been remapping cars for 5 years now. How long have you been remapping lol.

Also, curious how you mention every lame tune out there but not the gold standard, MHD. Try MHD, you'll love it.
Hey, haha chill man we're all here to learn so there's no need to be overly aggressive or condescending. I am not here to turn this into a keyboard war of words..

thanks for the valuable insight, I've actually been on MHD for 4 years for my backend flash too and couldn't agree more about how good it is. good to know that you' have 5 years of remapping experience! Reason why i mentioned those "lame tunes" was because those were done progressively 8 years ago when the 1M just came out, when MHD wasn't available then.

When you mention alternatives to meth such as high ethanol gas mix, do we need to run port injection? Maybe you can suggest a good alternative setup compared to meth (because i too agree with you that Meth have inferior response time and drivability) when auxiliary fueling is required i guess it becomes much more complicated, BUT if MHD can control it all that'd be my dream!!

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