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Originally Posted by ShocknAwe View Post
Hopefully I can help distill this for you and help with advice

And before all that we have to mention MAINTENANCE:
Walnut blast, coils, plugs, make sure injectors are functioning properly, depending on mileage and known engine health you may want to go ahead and get a new valve cover with gasket, change out the OFHG and oil pan gasket. IF doing the oil pan gasket, probably a good idea to swap the rod bearings. Since youre doing clutch, its a great time to preemptively replace the rear main seal and guibo. I'd also get new engine mounts and trans mounts. I'd also hugely recommend changing the serp belt and all pulleys/tensioners so the old belt doesn't get sucked into the engine and necessitate a teardown at the worst possible time. There's a ton to do and it all adds up. Sorry for that news.

Have fun!
there was great advice in all of that, but for this car there are other factors.

The maintenance you mention has just about all been done, short of rod bearings. There is a somewhat fresh factory clutch.

this is a Daily Driver, and runs on Arizona premium gas, shitty 91.

we will never push 600 hp with this car, so the exotic fueling is well beyond me.

we decided against downpipes for now, other expenses are eating at the budget. Next will be an intercooler, then downpipes, backend flash and JB4, possibly an intake.

we use the car mostly in downtown PHX, with frequent highway trips to CA and around AZ. My wife drives it the most, but now that she likes driving the 4C, I get it a bit more.