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Originally Posted by AzGregg View Post
there was great advice in all of that, but for this car there are other factors.

The maintenance you mention has just about all been done, short of rod bearings. There is a somewhat fresh factory clutch.

this is a Daily Driver, and runs on Arizona premium gas, shitty 91.

we will never push 600 hp with this car, so the exotic fueling is well beyond me.

we decided against downpipes for now, other expenses are eating at the budget. Next will be an intercooler, then downpipes, backend flash and JB4, possibly an intake.

we use the car mostly in downtown PHX, with frequent highway trips to CA and around AZ. My wife drives it the most, but now that she likes driving the 4C, I get it a bit more.
Whats the ethanol availability like in your area and the highway network that you travel on? 91 could be remedied to ~95 octane with 4 gallons E85. This is ~E30 and won't change your fuel economy too much. E30 will also drastically improve your knock stability and allows timing to stay pretty stable despite the huge heat you experience out there.

IATs may be your biggest issue when tuning. If you wanted to get fancy you could install 1-2 cm4-7 nozzles in your charge pipe and do extremely low flow 50/50 water methanol atomization to drop charge air temps. This is entirely safe as long as you don't then adjust your tune for the additional octane methanol will add. BMS sells a WM kit with a small tank that would be ideal for this, as well as the jb4 module to handle delivery. 50/50 WM is also fire safe, though I still wouldn't put it in my engine bay, trunk is best.
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