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Originally Posted by old135 View Post
The Trianon departed Bremerhaven on March 3, stopped in Southampton and then on to New York and finally to Port Hueneme by April 3. You can check if your car is on this ship by going to the Wilhelmsen site and putting in your VIN. The ships call letters are LAIZ4 if you want to track the progress of the ship.
I went to but could not find a box in the tracking section where a VIN could be entered. The site isn't much help, and it looks like something other than a VIN is needed. Never done this before. Do you have more specific instructions or a link to a FAQ on this?

And is the Trianon the first ship coming to Cali with 1's on it? I'm not even certain that's the ship I'm on.

Found the FAQ. I'll keep trying to figure out which ship I'm on. I'm learning that it might not be a Wilhelmsen boat.