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Orb, thanks for the comments. Admittedly, I don't even come close to having the knowledge you have on this subject. I really tried to use some of the advice I got from you and Harold. I know how you feel about the AST's but I went with them anyway. I knew you had a lot of little "details" that I likely would never be able to accomplish. Information on this stuff and practical experience with it is not that readily available from people here in Oklahoma. I don't get the opportunity to work with someone face to face when it comes to setting it up. As I said, I'm just going to do the best I can and learn as much as I can. I think I got something that I can at least work with and it will allow me to grow and develop my knowledge base when it comes to tuning it.

Harold recommended the spring lengths and rates. I still can't wrap my head around the spring rates, but jumped in on blind faith along with what you did on your car. It is the least amount of spring rate I have ever tried on the front of a car combined with the most amount of spring rate I have ever tried on the rear. I am impessed with how nice the ride seems with just the rear assembled.

BTW, it took two of us about 10 hours to do this in my garage. This included putting the front completely together and then putting the stock stuff back on. It does not include playing with the ride heights and setup. Once everything is on, we will set the height at about 12.5" from the fender lips to the center of the hubs. Then get it aligned so that the 19" tires don't rub. Once we get that sorted, there is a guy in town that I just heard of that will cornerweight the car and finalize the alignment settings. Orb, if you have any suggestions at all please PM me!! Although I don't always understand all of what you suggest, it does help!!
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