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Originally Posted by Dackelone
^^Yup the trans adapts to your driving style. This usually takes a few hundred miles/kms. You can reset it by switching on your ignition(but do not start the engine) hold your foot on the gas pedal for 20 secs, then let off and switch off and back on teh engine. Now drive the car and it will "learn" your driving style.
Hey Dack, thanks for this!

I was a little sceptical but decided to try it out today.

I've been having issues with my tranny upshifts being really hesitant and jerky since installing my procede. So far since trying out this little trick it's been really smooth. No hesitating, no jerking. Almost feels like new. I'll need to test it out some more because its only been 1 day but so far so good.

Now I'm not so sure I need to even do this tranny service this weekend =P