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Originally Posted by VGR00 View Post
Slime kit is last option in my opinion. In another instant, i had to use a compressor 4 times in the space of 10 klms but managed to limp the car without resorting to slime. Tyre was still repairable and I didn't damage the wheel. I keep a space saver wheel at the office so I have that option if need be as well.
That's fair enough helps me confirm which kit im going to buy. I think option B only lets you inflate the tyre with slime which i don't want. Want to be able to have the option to just inflate the tyre so think i'll go with option C. I have spare wheels too just want something with me when driving incase no one can assist me to get the spare. For longer trips or doing a road side spare swap i've made up a little kit not sure if any one saw in my thread the jack i modified.

Just made that and bought a breaker bar and pvc coated socket to finish the kit off. But actually going to look for a proper space saver now for longer trips to save on space is there an actually bmw spare solution for the 1 series other then slime ect ?
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