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DIY resetting service "due" lights…

Hi Guys,

I was playing around with my cars hidden board menu the other day and I think I discovered a way to reset the service due lights. Most of us won’t be doing this… but I think resetting the oil service light will come in handy for a lot of people once their car's go out of warranty.

I have not seen how to reset the service due lights… so I thought I would put together this little DIY.

I was fooling around on my car because I was wondering IF I would really need to buy a BT scan tool or not. My car has its first service due in a few thousand kilometers. Btw… the reason my fuel consumption reads high is because I took these pics just after refueling my car at the gas station! lol So don’t be concerned about my 39.9 liters/100kph!

Here is how to reset the oil service (oil change) light…

Start the engine and let it idle, then press and HOLD the trip reset button for a few seconds (about seven seconds). The center display will change to a yellow warning triangle and then the service due will be displayed. IF you hold the trip reset button too long… you will go into the BC hidden menu. At anytime of you wish to escape, just turn the car off. Then you can retry again.

FYI my car was bought in Jan, 2010. The first service is due at 25,000 kms or Jan, 2012! I have changed the oil four times already... but I never reset the BC service due lights. I will do that once my car goes out of warranty.


Start the engine and let it idle, then press and HOLD the trip reset button for a few seconds (about seven seconds).

Once “in” you will see this: (at least this is what I saw on my car with the car’s first service due soon!).

Use the BC to scroll thru the services due menu…

First major service due…

Front brakes due at… 47,000 kms

Rear brakes due at… 60,000 kms

Brake fluid change due at…

Service due at…

And then the menu goes back(loops back) to page one… the oil service…

So… this is what the oil service light looks like…

IF you hit the SET button on the BC stalk…

You will see this…

IF you want to reset the oil service light… confirm the RESET, with the button on the end of the stalk. This SHOULD reset your oil service light. But keep in mind I did not go THAT FAR on my cars BC. So I don’t know for sure. But it is a safe bet I think.

Good Luck,

UPDATE: Its been pointed out to me I may have forgotten a step in my service due light reset....

Originally Posted by Hprockets View Post
Thanks Dackel for the awesome writeup. I have successfully resetted brake pad sensor using your guide.

A couple of things to point out:
- I didn't have the engine running.
- I had to press and HOLD the BC button to 'confirm' the reset

PS: Here is another hidden menu... this one shows what (radio)software version your car has!

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