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Originally Posted by eeghie View Post
Great thread topic, thx OP.

@robertm aren't you worried the 265's in the front will be problematic? Alternatively can you confirm 'trying/running 265 front without issues?

Sorry to plead ignorance on this, but what makes you say 2nd gear is kind of a joke? Is it because of abundant wheel spin or because of general rear tire wear (even without frequent spin)? or else ...
You are right. I meant the tires just light up into a smoky oblivion right now with the 265 rears. If you turn the tc all the way off and stomp on the go petal the car tends to transfer most of the power into a rubbery smoky cloud of wasted forward momentum. Wider rear tires would do a lot to help put the power to the ground.

I haven't switched tires yet so I can't confirm anything. I'm hoping someone else will be the guinea pig. I'm also thinking if there is just a slight rub on the front then probably some 5mm spacers will solve the issue.