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And here are 2 awful pics... Also replaced most of my oil cooler lines with steel braded lines, after this year I'm going to replace nearly all hoses and sensors on the car....

My vanos, crankshaft sensor & blown oil line ruined my first 2 events of 2019
Uh oh, I'm about to do my dual 25 rows... What kind of oil lines did you have in there before and how did the lines fail?
I run all summit racing steel AN10 lines but it was a dumb mistake on my part and I left a short section of Dinan's oil cooler line from the previous owner (5+ year old line) which just burst in track, wasn't even rubbing on anything.

You shouldn't have any issues, just use vibrant or other high quality compression fittings and ensure you check for rubbing or sharp edges where you route the lines.

I wrap certain sections of the lines that may rub on body panels, etc in this high strength fabric (it's the stuff fire department hoses are made of) and haven't had issues since.

Just check your fittings after a few heat cycles and ensure they're not loose or seeping
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