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Originally Posted by mikewills View Post
Great news! I'm glad it held up sooo well. Which roll did you purchase and how much of it did you actually use? Would you recommended pricking the bubbles with an xacto knife and working them out? Thank you for the review.
I had one 6 inch and one 3 inch. I used the 6 inch to cover the large area on the hood and fenders. I used a combination of 6 and 3 on the front bumper.

I used maybe 75% of the 6 inch roll and 30% of the 3 inch roll. Its hard to gauge but definitely more than half on the 6 and less than half on the 3.

I considered pricking the bubbles but I decided not to for various reasons...

1. I didnt care about the look of it, it was temporary (purpose over aesthetics)

2. I didnt want to risk touching the clear coat with the tip of the blade

3. I was tired of crouching in a public garage doing the wrap, I was in Munich and it was past dinner time.