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Originally Posted by rusty racer View Post
Took my 1M to the track last Friday. Amazing time but more on that some other time. I didn't have time to get the permanent paint protection installed prior to the track day so went to trakk tape site. order shipped very fast.

I ordered one 6" roll and cut into 3" strips where needed (bumper etc..) took me about two hours. I did a horrible job with installation. Lots of bubbles and wrinkles and a new respect for those that do this professionally. But covered the nose, fenders, half the hood, rear fender leading edge. About half the roll. It stayed on great for the entire track day. No pealing at all. It caught all the grime, dirt, bugs etc and protected perfectly. I removed it while filling up the gas tank at the end of the day. And it was amazing. Came off in less than 5 minutes. Clean no residue easy off leaving pristine finish underneath.

I will use thus stuff again for sure. Great temporary paint protection.

Funny about the bubbles. I was in a rush recently to get to a two day track event and didn't do the best job of installing the tape. An engineering friend pointed out that the bubbles probably give an extra level of protection.

Crappy as it might look, he might just be right.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Actually, it gets easier after a few applications. Don't use pieces longer than three to four feet or so. Don't try to apply from the roll. Cut the piece off and apply it. Use the applicator and push away from you, sort of into the tape. That works pretty well. Otherwise, see above extra protection of bubbles!