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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
From what I understand about the +FM addictive: is that it is only effects the noise that the LSD friction clutches produce at low speed(full lock) turns(like when parking or reversing. I don't really know IF it(+FM fluid) allows the clutches to work slower or now. People have only said that the +FM fluid will reduce the noise and not effect performance ie: lockup of the LSD.

As for the key fob not being in sync with the car... perhaps your car has CA and you don't insert the fob into the slot very often? I've heard that the key fob's don't always have up to date info - from the car - like you'd think. So I am not surprised by your fob being out of sync with the car.

Maybe @e36addict or @Drivehard or @MightyMouseTech can lend their expertise to this subject.

Slightly off topic but that's an interesting quote Dac.

My understanding was that the CA key fobs used a non rechargeable battery and therefore shouldn't be put into the slot anyway?
Mine has the CA and I've changed the fob batterys once they're standard non chargeable items so I've never put my fob into the slot since I've had the car.