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Well BMW has done it again.

I had my car in for Oil change last year (off my own back) car was around 14500miles and is now 15500miles ODO and when my clutch was replaced a couple of weeks ago i asked about the oil they had topped up with, they told my LT2! Obviously the wrong stuff so, i checked my service history from a year ago and what did they put in....Yes....LT2..

I e-mailed them and straight away they put their hands up and said they will change it free of charge, very honourable of them! However, when i questioned the damage the wrong oil may have done they wouldn’t answer. I kept emailing and eventually they said that it wasn’t the wrong oil (LT2) they had put in it was most likely a billing error and LT 5 was in the gearbox -where have we heard this before!- they will still change the oil just to be 100% sure that im running LT5. I told them i appreciate the offer of the oil change but i want some guarantee that the oil has not affected or will not affect the gearbox synchro, gear coatings in the future...I’m still waiting on a reply to this.
Does anyone know how detrimental this may be to the gearbox?