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Well, here we are, and the fluid drama continues. I hate to open this can yet again, but I'm just trying to confirm what got put in my diff the other day, so here goes...

Part number on the invoice is 83-22-9-415-961
- my SA says it SAF-XJ w/o friction modifier
- parts desk says it's a 55L drum of something, but can't tell me which fluid and can't give me the 1L equivalent (called a couple dealers)
- online searches for the part number reveal very little, but I found some posts which say this is the 100ml(!) equivalent of 83-22-1-470-080 which has been superseded (apparently) by 83-22-1-407-870.

And to add final insult to the confusion, I found info that said the above 470-080/407-870 could be SAF-XJ or could also be MSP/A which is the "new" fluid used in the latest M3/M4/M5.

I probably shouldn't be worried, but because I can't find any record of what this part number relates to, I just want to be sure I didn't end up with tranny fluid in my diff.