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Originally Posted by nachob View Post
Yes if you had a more efficient intercooler in terms of airflow and heat transfer then that shouldn't affect lag but adding more volume would have an increase in lag and could actually decrease power since we have small turbos and if the IC is too big might not even achieve max boost.

Bigger turbos could compensate for larger volume but then again it takes longer to spool them up. There is a sweet spot between turbo size and IC size. While you might make more power you can also get more lag. A tune like Dinan's can do other things like enriching the mixture to bring cylinder charge temps down without increasing lag significantly. I wish that tuners would star listing throttle response in their specs not just HP.

Here is a thought, if you rigged a WOT water sprayer on the intercooler like the WRX, you can get temporary IC efficiency gains without messing with the turbo plumbing. Just a thought!
The water sprayer idea is great actually.

As for having an increased IC volume, doesn't the tuner handle those situations which is why the boost is raised and the hp output is higher as well?