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I feel that with more traction the car could be quicker. It is a handful properly launching the 1M. I would be interested in a tune with quicker and more linear throttle. What tune do you have?

I have driven Early N54 335i and it was pretty good. Later they put a waste gate fix that increased lag. Some got it fixed eventually do I'm not sure which one you drove. My buddy has a 2011 N55 335 and it has slightly quicker throttle response than 1M but the surge from 1M is stronger. One key difference between 335 and 1M is lightened flywheel which helps it spool faster.

So to me traction is the most obvious shortcoming and should be addresed first. If you can get the power down you could improve your 0-60 time. THEN you can try to get more power. I wasn't aware you were addressing traction too. That's good! It wouldn't make sense to go for
More power first when the PS2 s can barely handle the torque. Let us know what tune gave you better response and linear throttle, that is one tune I would be interested in.