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Originally Posted by nachob View Post
The tuner can increase final boost but very difficult to increase turbo rate of flow. So you can achieve higher boost if you wait for the turbos to fill and compress the larger volume. We're not talking hours just more lag. Personally I want less lag and more linear throttle response. The 1M is pretty fast and I see managing traction as a bigger priority.
Rate of flow is not an issue at low RPM where turbo lag occurs in our cars.

Originally Posted by Gtrain View Post
I agree that managing the traction is a bigger priority so I am looking to go with a different tire and widers as well and when I want to put more down to the ground, I'll get a set of 18's for more tire to run on to get grip.

I feel that the 1M is pretty linear compared to the 335 that I had but not as linear as the M3. With a tune it's gotten even more smoother and more linear than stock which is great and feels awesome. Now it's traction that I need to solve as you mentioned.
The 1M doesn't need more power low down, as I am struggling to control traction in 1st and 2nd gear anyway. It is the higher rev range that needs more boost, where the small turbo restriction comes into play.
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