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[quote=Dackelone;8137064]I do not know IF it is possible on Navi-Pro Radio.

As for turning off the orange (front) parking lights, I think that is possible. Atleast that is what I have read over on the e90 forum. Link is bellow.

Also... There is a guy in Poland that also does this stuff. But I would ask your local dealer, because some here reported your dealer can do the "coding" IF they know what they are doing. The guy in Poland send you a USB to OBD-II cable. He programs your car remotely. I have talked to him breifly before. But I have deleted his user name. Sorry. Try searching on the e90 forum, bc that is where i read about him.

Thanks again will try to find out.

P.S. This is off topic but I want to ask you. What options you have of LSD in Germany? Maybe you know some for reasonable price. Is it possible to get wavetrac in Germ?