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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
Sindarin - please let us know how your PPK SW download goes.

Programming went perfect, no problems. As for the PPK1, I like it. Throttle response seems a little better. Engine seems more response to rev when blipping for downshifts now although it is subtle. The added exhaust 'burble' on decel/overrun sounds great. While I didn't beat on it hard since I still have under 1000 miles it definitely pulls harder when getting on it and retains the smooth power delivery. Not as hard as some aftermarket tuned cars I've driven but they tended to be a little more peaky as well.

Just to note my car doesn't have option code S840 which, according to the BMW accessories website, is required for PPK (even though my car has oil to air cooler and standard sport suspension with performance summer tires). I thought I might run into issues programming but everything went though fine. Apparently this requirement has been quietly removed but hasn't been updated on the website yet.