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Originally Posted by Starz135i View Post
I can't figure out how they installed my PPK a few weeks ago, yet my car was produced in March 2012. My boyfriend seems to think they either didn't really install it, or they gave me the wrong thing (which I find impossible). When I initially got the car in June, I went to get the Dinan tune and when they hooked it up to the computer, they got an error because of some "new software" that Dinan has not been able to figure out yet. So, if I have this new software, how did I get the PPK?? I find this all so confusing!

Is there a way I can confirm which version software my car has?
Easiest way to tell if your car has PPK I found is simply rev the engine in neutral a little after it has warmed up and you will hear the burble/popping from the exhaust as the engine rpm drop.

Your dealer can also hook the vehicle up to diagnosis and check the Vehicle Order to see if the VO element 'NPOW' has been added. This is the PPK software.