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Originally Posted by maxnix View Post
BBS and OZ Racing do make strong yet light low pressure cast wheels.

Some cast wheels have rolled rims, which are almost as strong as forged. Just research.
You can't just say forged is stronger then cast unless the wheels are the exact same design, and built to the same thickness for the spokes and barrel. The design dictates the strength. Forged wheels are generally designed to a spec that meets the same strength requirements as the other manufacturing methods. Forging allows for weight reduction at equal strength. That is why light weight race wheels still bend easily. They are all trading a certain amount of strength in exchange for weight reduction.

There is no strength requirement for the different methods, it just goes by load rating for a specific application. The JWL standard for 18"+ BMW wheels is 690KG. The VIA in Japan tests this. They will not test a higher load rating at the VIA, so you will not get a certificate showing that one wheel can handle more load then another. All you will know is if they meet that 690KG standard.

This is why we can't just generalize in this thread, and why it's pointless until we know what wheel we're talking about. As that wheel may or may not have even been tested.