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Originally Posted by CoralRed View Post
Im looking at rims such as the Breyton GTS-R, Apex APC-8, VMR 701 and 710. And a Volk, im not of the model on that one. And again, i do not think that any of these are cheap or poorly made, i just want to be sure.
The Breyton wheels are made in factory widths and very closest to factory offsets, so they are the narrowest wheel. Because they are the narrowest they are the lightest. Not sure if you're looking to keep factory sized tires on, or if you want wheels that can properly handle wider rubber. This wheel is TUV certified but there are numerous complaints about cracks/bends, not sure why that is. I'd guess that runflats may have a lot to do with this.

The ARC-8 wheel is flow-formed and VIA certified. It's 8.5" front (18.45lbs) and 9.5" rear (18.2lbs). It's the only 9.5" rear with 1 series specific offsets that allow for the use of wider rear tires such as 265 or 275 extreme summer/r-compound tires without fender rubbing. There has never been a single wheel failure to date (crack or anything else) other then 2-3 reports of minor bends that could only be detected on a balancer due to race/track abuse from off's or berms.

The VIA certificate numbers are as follows:

18x8.5" et38: VIA-15-0459
18x9.5" et62: VIA-15-0461

The VMR wheels should be low-pressure cast, and not really considered light-weight, so I don't think they'd fall into the same category of wheels. I don't think they've ever even tried to claim to be a light-weight performance wheel. The rear offsets are still too aggressive for the 1 without stretched rubber, so they are aiming for the customer that likes their numerous aesthetic/appealing designs

I could never find VMR on the VIA database. They like many others claim to meet/exceed JWL/VIA requirements on their website. I interpret that as just doing their own in-house testing and never getting an official certificate. If they did, they could easily provide that info, so no need to speculate more. You just need to ask for the certificate number.