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Track Wheels - Powdercoating

thanks everyone!!

let us continue with the story...

as mentioned, this car is my spare car/toy. i intended this to be my track/weekend car (maybe some weekdays i will use it for my commute to help spice things up).

so, since i was pleasantly surprised with the 135is stock suspension and steering, i decided to start things off with some track wheels. i am not a firm believer of spending lots of money for my wheels street or track (been there done that). i would rather spend it on tires, brakes/fluid, or suspension.

with that said, i was able to pick up a set of 261M wheels. i had them shipped directly to The Alloy Artists ( in Clifton, NJ. they are my preferred powder coating company for a few years now. i asked them to do a flat gray finish on the wheels. the nice thing with their services is they check and fix and bends, curbing, or scratches before they start the powdercoating process. they also have a great Corghi tire mounting machine which never damage your wheels. their Hunter laser balancing machine is very accurate. it is so precise, it uses less weights since it pinpoints the correct placement and weight requirements. they ended up getting rid of the popular (but dated) Hunter Road Force machine for this model.

enough with the typing. here are some more pics.

powdercoating process...(not sure if this was before or after the oven)

finished wheel with 225/255 Bridgestone RE-11 tires

here it is with the rest of the car