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Originally Posted by spxxx View Post
Interesting, my E82 is 90% track dedicated so I've messed with quite a few setups this year. I generally agree with getting as close to -4* up front as possible but I've never gone beyond -2* in the rear. I'll play around with the rear camber more next weekend.

I try to go to buttonwillow more as it's got a little bit of everything, if it was a bit more smooth it would be my favorite track in CA. Laguna is great as it's only an hour drive and our cars are great on that track.

I'm planning a private track day soon at Thunderhill and will keep you posted if you're willing to make the pilgrimage up.
Haven't driven Thunderhill or Buttonwillow actually. Looking forward to competing in the Street class with GTA at Button next week. Should be a good shakedown, ha.

Super down to trek up to Thunderhill with my buddy, he has a sick E46 M.

As for neg rear camber, see how you feel. -2 even doesn't seem like enough for my preferences, especially with how eager this thing is to rotate.

Speaking of smooth, Streets of Willow just got repaved. Can't wait to see it.