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Originally Posted by Fair View Post
Fixed that for ya... :biggrin:

As another poster replied, STU-legal custom/lightweight downpipe, cats and after-cat exhaust is going to be a big "boost" to performance for the 135. Other weight saving items can only help the curb weight heavy 135, such as a lightweight battery and fixed back racing seats (25# minimum weight per, with brackets).

One thing to remember: the twin turbo set-up of the 135/335 is currently not legal in STU, until a proposed update to the class rules goes thru. Please write the Solo Events Board asking for this rule to be amended at Include your name, SCCA membership number and that you would be running STU if allowed. I bet this update will happen and the 135 would be legal for STU in 2009.
Thanks for fixing that....

Yeah, it appears that the proposal will become official mostly due to common sense. The single turbo rule doesn't make much sense anymore.

I will give the SEB my input for sure.

My first goal is to get a good suspension/camber on this car and real rubber/racing wheels. Once I get a feel for how it might compete then I will be more willing to start squeezing every pound and hp out of it. My gut feeling is this car could do well in STU. HPT is such a "horrible" surface it kind makes one rethink set up in general...but I think there are some advantages to be had over the EVO's and STI's on that surface...the big problem is that darn AWD, however.

I would like to see an AWD STU/STX and a Non-AWD STU/STX especially considering the crappy surface we race on, but hey, like everyone I am bias.

Hope to see some 135i suspension bits on your website soon!:thumbup: