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Originally Posted by michifan View Post
Nobody can argue that PS2s are not superior to the Bridgestone RFTs.

But, off the track, the difference is so marginal that I think you'd be fooling yourself if you could tell an appreciable difference.

Personally, I'm not a fan of plugging tires or the mobility kits as anything more than a stopgap - in other words, the tire is going to be replaced.

I think tire insurance depends on the term and cost. Mine cost me the equivalent of two tires - no brainer for me.

But the real benefit of RFTs (especially for those that live in extreme climates and also have family) is that when a flat occurs, your rims are safe AND you can just drive to have the tire fixed/replaced after work.
Equivalent of 2 RFT's. My Conti's cost around $800 for the set of 4, less than the cost of the warranty.
But, we all agree it's conditional, and what the driver is willing to accept and deal with.

One more thing, I'm NOT fooling myself that I can tell a significant difference on the road, after switching to non RFT. I prefer the overall performance of the non RFT.