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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
Noop. Sorry. The lady at the Welt was already giving me the evil eye when I took those interior pics - as she was sowing he 1M to a VIP couple. I did not even ask her... I just opened the driver's door and took some pics. Then she locked the car back up.

I was thinking later I should have sat in the car and felt the shifter. Ohh well.

I think one of the "lucky ten" (who went to Leipzig) said the shifter was shorter then stock. Not sure IF that is shorter than Perf SSK or OEM.

I think it was Woland's Advocate that mentioned that the 1M had shorter shifts in comparison to his 135i.

Here's an excerpt from what was written:

"The gearshift’s throw has been shortened and the box on the car I tried was largely slick and intuitive – you can lightly flick it between gears with speed and precision. Only a couple of power downshifts from third to second on the circuit session were a bit baulky and required a firm hand (but that may be me!). The clutch is perhaps heavier but not noticeably so. The steering actually feels lighter but, as ever, doesn’t provide a whole heap of feel through the typically plump steering wheel rim. "