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I have my HPFP failed and replaced in 55k miles covered by CPO warranty. Then, the water pump came up @57k. I would say we have to expect shit happens when keeping these cars for long term ownership. These cars will become reliable again when they get repaired. I have another honda civic sitting in garage so I try not to use 135i for any long trip.
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WP will fail without warning.

Honestly, I wonder if it's related to OFHG issues and coolant contamination.
This is the part which is disconcerting. I'm no stranger to temperamental beauty queens. My Ducati 848 is an example of this. With about 16000 miles on the clock, the bike has been through the following:

Fuel tank replaced due to ethanol attacking the plastic material
Clutch master failure
Rignt front (or left can't remember now) LED failure in the turn signal
Immobilzer antenna failure
Horizontal cylinder head gasket failure
Moisture issue with front headlights

None of the above has left me stranded. Even with the clutch master failing, I was able to nurse my bike home through thick traffic.

We shouldn't be expected to play Russian Roulette every time we drive our cars.
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