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Originally Posted by flinchy
Originally Posted by nuespeedgti View Post
from what i have read the n54 is 195kg (430lbs) and the s65 is 202kg (445lbs), not that noticeable weight difference. sure the supercharger adds some weight but overall the engines aren't that far apart. i personally think it should have come with the s65 from the start.
Where are you getting those weights from?

2 turbos, ic piping and ic adds a lot of weight.. Add a sizeable supercharger, piping and intercooler and you'll see a much MUCH larger gap in weight.

202kg sounds incredibly light for the size of the engine (and 2 more pistons) when made out of the same materials
various official releases that were posted here, google, and wiki. they are accurate but you're more then welcomed to prove me wrong. you have to keep in mind that the s65 is a small v8 and the n54 is a twin turbo inline 6. the weights stated didn't include any weight from the supercharger kit.