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Originally Posted by Chris ABP View Post
Do you have the MILLTEK fitted to your car at the moment?

The section we have available from Milltek is a replacement centre section (non-resonated / no silencer) for cars fitted with a Milltek exhaust system.

The Milltek system consists of the following:
1 x LH Secondary Cat-Bypass Pipe
1 x RH Secondary Cat-Bypass Pipe
1 x Centre Silencer Assembly**
1 x Connecting Pipe
1 x Rear Silencer Assembly

Pipework is 3" and tailpipes are quad 80mm

**The section I had developed on my car by Milltek is a non-resonated (louder) centre pipe assembly with the silencer removed.

I hope this makes sense if any other MILLTEK users want their car louder and for it to sound like an RB26 engined Skyline (which mine now does) then please PM me as I have a quantity of these on order

Cheers, Chris
Chris, i have the full factory exhaust, called " Primary catback "

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