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Use stock rims

Originally Posted by hybris4u View Post
Also interested in the 1M on true snow/ice conditions. Maybe a frozen lake... ;-)

I would like to put Nokian Hakka 7 tires on mine. Spiked ones. Superb up here in Sweden. The Nokian Hakka R is the ones without spikes. Made in Finland for the real winter conditions in the North. (not the terrible central european winter tires.)

Any videos of the 1M on ice?

Im still looking for rims and tires over here in Sweden but seem hard to find any good looking 18" that fit the 1M... :-( Any good suggestions would be excellent! Need to order tires soon. Get the car in January in the middle of the Swedish winter...
I'll be running stock size in the front with spikes on stock rims, and 255's in the back with spikes, on stock rims. Will probably work fine, maybe not the best setup for driving fast during the winter, but hey, it's not built for the swedish rally...