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Originally Posted by ozinaldo
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The 1M Raze GT is an entire stand alone widebody kit. It will fit all e82 but it will require cutting your rear arches which would be a shame to do to a true 1M. I have seen the concept photos and participated in some of the early development in the 3d scanning. Revozport is now doing 3d scans of cars and modeling everything digitally instead of using clay. They can design and build kits faster with higher precision with the new technology.

The 1M Raze Gt diffuser is designed for the 1M Raze GT bumper which is super wide to mate up the widened rear arches. It won't work on your 1M bumper. I will say the kit is pretty aggressive and completely overhauls an e82. The new hood, trunk and wing will be compatible with all e82. They are primarily designing the kit for race application but it will be available to consumers. The kit is super wide, three vents on the hood similar to the old vorsteiner hood but updated and rear brake ducts in the huge rear arches. It is bad ass.

All my CF is satin 2x2 but they have gloss and 1x1 available. If you want any photos of any of the other finishes or of parts on the cars let me know.
Thanks, I appreciate the detailed info. This means I can really forget about the new diffuser and if I continue keeping the car go for their actual diffuser instead of waiting for a miracle (like they make a version of new diffuser which would fit 1M bumper bolt-on, looks so much better imo).

I bet we could easily get 10 1M owners if not more for THAT diffuser right away, maybe a one-off batch for 1M owners, even if price would be more than their actual diffuser and they would need a deposit or pre-payment in full. Many would love the idea of having the best and distinct diffuser.
Revozport can make whatever people want if there is enough demand - but the batch size will be reflected in the price.

1M Specific CF and mods are in low demand these days. People just have either finished modding their 1m's or people are keeping them stock. Most companies have switched to made-to-order or discontinued the programs. ( vorsteiner and akra are no longer supporting the 1m)