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Originally Posted by Neon01 View Post
Just stunning. Clean and great pics, love it. This should move fast.

One note - the M sport wheel is almost exactly the same wheel as the M3, but the M3 wheel is not perforated and has the tri-color stitching. I actually prefer the M sport wheel on account of the perforation.

Been a really long time since I've been back to visit Tech (class of '02 here). Is that Whittemore hall in the background of the one shot? That must mean they finally added a parking garage... long overdue
Yes! That's Whittemore Hall! good eyes! And yes they built this garage last year.
And I totally agree with you about the M sport wheel it's amazing I love it more than the M3 wheel actually. My hands sometimes sweat on M3 wheel on a long driving but never sweat on M sport wheel.
I notice that you drives 04 S2000, I used to own a 05 S2000 before having this 135i. That car is amazing I miss it a lot. You made a good choice!