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Originally Posted by Neon01 View Post
Most guys on the forum that aren't absolutely bent on retaining the stock warranty and reliability will tell you that Dinan isn't worth it. I'm not saying that I agree with them, as I do feel that Dinan provides a great product that has near-OEM useability and reliability, but the fact is that you're paying extra for peace of mind and a less power. They use software remapping, like some others (Cobb, Giac, etc), so if you already have a Dinan tune on your car and you want JB4, you really need to get your ECU flashed back to stock first.

From my understanding, FBO and an aggressive off-the shelf map will get you very close to or above 400whp. If you aren't aware, FBO (full bolt-ons) typically consists of intake, FMIC, and downpipes, and occasionally cat-back (or even axle back) exhaust. Obviously an aftermarket catback is going to get you more on account of deleting the stock midpipe cats (if you have a N54).

Not sure what trap speeds this tends to net as I'm not a drag racer, but I've seen FBO cars pulling in the 12.3-4 second range. Might be able to do better than that, I don't know.

Catted DPs should not pose any problems whatsoever to emissions testing. If they have cats, they shouldn't throw codes (if they did, I'd want my money back), and this is really the only thing that's tested on modern cars anyway. Depending if you have O2 simulators, it might be possible to pass emissions with catless downpipes too. I would do a search about this if I were considering it.

Good luck
Good advice neighbor, might have to look you up so I can start to understand these things for my 135