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Same issue as OP!

Originally Posted by LH2 View Post
New guy here... Is the 128i's NA straight six history for the upcoming 2013 model?

I'm thinking the 128i is the car for me, with at least Sport & Xenons,... but it'll have to be a Steptronic, since the wife will end up driving it on occasion. Is that a good transmission, as automatics go, or should I try to get the 6MT if at all possible?
It's the same issue as 135/128. It's what YOU want or need; not what everyone else thinks. If you buy a Steptronic, your car (hopefully not you) may be called lame because you have a 'slush box' as referenced by those who have had them as loaners. If you buy the manual, you may be told that the manual is notchy and doesn't let you get the full experience like the Step does, etc. it's the way of this and similar forums.

I buy manual transmissions because that's what I learned on. Hard to let 40 years of 'advice' from dad drift by the wayside. I like a manual because it is familiar and comfortable, not because it is more fun or more convenient. That being said, I found the Steptronic very nice to drive, and I can see why someone would want one... just not me I bought a car once with an auto trans (granted not a step) and I was absolutely miserable in it. After the blush was off the rose (4000 miles) I got rid of it.

Returning to the spirit of the OP, 135/128 or option/no option is a personal choice. If you feel the desire to express those choices, expect that others will belittle them on occasion due to remorse, insecurity, or chest thumping. It's what we do.

Be sure and let us know what you end up with and don't forget a pic or two (I should talk, I have yet to post pics of my 128 but it's not 'ready' yet )