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Originally Posted by dorkdog View Post
It's the same issue as 135/128. It's what YOU want or need; not what everyone else thinks....Returning to the spirit of the OP, 135/128 or option/no option is a personal choice. If you feel the desire to express those choices, expect that others will belittle them on occasion due to remorse, insecurity, or chest thumping. It's what we do.
This is the best bit of advice i've seen in this post. Buy the car for YOU, not what everyone else recommends. Everyone will give you a biased opinion. One of my favorite cars of all time was an e46 zhp. A little more powerful than the 128, a fair bit better handling from the factory, but overall it was an excellent balance of the high revving i6, tidy dimensions, and a oneness with the car, and the only thing you can get from BMW that's close is the 128 (or z4 but then no rear seat or trunk).

I don't look down on the 128 at all. A few years ago the 230 hp was the premium e46, now it's nothing? I went 135 simply because i knew i'd be tuning it and while the power difference from 128 to 135 is noticable (probably 6-7 mph in the 1/4) it's dramatic from a 128 to a tuned 135 (probably 14 mph in the 1/4). Also i won't be keeping this car out of warranty that's for sure. Further I went step, why? it's as fast and for my daily driver i can sit in traffic, talk on the bluetooth, eat my lunch etc. I love the manual trans, have one in my wild weekend warrior, but for an everyday car the step 135 is right for ME and that's all that matters...
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