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why worry

Originally Posted by jkoral View Post
I'm thinking about getting a 2011 or ordering a 2012 128i, but I'm really struggling with the decision.

I'm sure it's would be more than enough power for me (it has more power than my current and last 2 previous BMWs), but I have this feeling I will regret not getting a 135i. I haven't driven them back to back, but with the $3K price jump of the 2012 135i, that's over $8K more.

So are all the 128i owners happy with their decision? No pangs of regret? If you could do it over again, new 128i or low mileage CPO 135i?

(FWIW, I'm looking at 6MT + M Sport for both, those are only requirements).
if you cant get in trouble with a 128 I give up on you. the price diff is just not worth it. I got the M-sport Package and its a killer car. unless you are hormonally challenged, this is all you need.