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Well, if the 1 M had not gotten in the way I was prepared to keep the LMB/Lemon 135i for a very, very long time.

I don't see anything on the horizon that will eclipse the 128, 135 or 1 M in terms of size, weight, and driving dynamics that I pinpoint in a vehicle.

I prefer manual transmissions, and without equivocation the kit in the one series is easily the best of any BMW I've ever experienced which goes back to the E30 318is I cut my BMW teeth on.

And call me nuts, but I think the einser is the best looking of any of the current offerings by this marque.

Yeah, the stock oners snout and mug give it a bulldog look front on (which I like because it's distinctive), but its side, 3/4 and directly from behind view are way too boss looking.

Then add to this pack of already wild and rambunctious dogs the air curtains, wider fenders, rims, meats and quads of the 1 M and you now have a rabip, salivating pit bull romping around with a pin pulled grenade in its mouth.

So, yeah, with God's good grace I fully intend to keep this vehicle until I'm either raptured out of here or I'm pushing up daisies.
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