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Originally Posted by 1seriesis View Post
Thanks, Greg. I forwarded this link to my adviser showing your post as an evidence that there is such service called "post break-in" even for the "is" and was able to issue me a coupon for $80. I really appreciate it.
Glad to hear suddenly it was $80 as opposed to that crazy $250. There really isn't anything special or unique about a "post break-in" oil change other than the timing though, and isn't specific to the IS. A lot of people just believe it is extremely beneficial to change the oil early on to get out any loose metal shavings and other particulates from a new engine that could potentially harm it. So, it's just your typical oil change, only done early and BMW won't pay for it, which stinks. They do cover it and recommend it on M cars though. Is it overkill? Perhaps, but if you plan to keep the car for awhile, it is recommended, surely can't hurt, and for $80, it's good peace of mind.