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For what it's worth,

I only recently acquired a BMW 1M, I must say it's quite a good little car. It was a total impulse buy for me, always wanted to scratch the itch, went to the dealer to have a quick peek, left with the car.

To provide some perspective, I've owned a number of M3's (E46, E90, E92), multiple Porsches (GT4, GT3, GT3 RS), Audi R8 V10, Acura NSX, S2000, Integra Type R, Golf R, etc. What I'm attempting to convey is that I've had a lot of experience with a lot of different vehicles that automotive enthusiasts tend to celebrate.

So what comes after the 1M, IMO unless you are moving to a GT Porsche don't bother getting rid of the 1M. The 1M holds value very well and is a great car in terms of finding the balance between daily driver comfort and sports car fun. It's a great size and the chassis balance is easily the best of any BMW I've ever driven, would be interesting to get it out on the track.

On the GT car front, 997 GT3 is the only car that makes me feel a sort of nervous excitement when I take it out, it is IMO the greatest road car ever made. Having said that, it falls short on tech (Obviously), comfort, and the interior, if not fitted with extended leather, is polluted with cheap plastics that are more suiting to a Honda Fit. A close second is the 981 GT4, though it's not quite as exciting as the 997 GT3 the trade off for modern tech and comfort might just be worth it for an older guy like me.

It's not going to be that hard to get a 718 GT4 if you want to order one, the Porsche market is saturated with GT cars and the speculators are not lining up to buy GT cars to flip like they used to. Porsche made so many 991 GT3's, take a look at all GT cars for sale on Autotrader, 80% of them will be 991 gen cars.