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Originally Posted by burnsniper View Post
I think BMW still offers a compelling M product in M2-4s that are strippers. For example, my F80 only has two options: 1. leather interior and 2. competition package. The car looks great, sounds great, has a stick and feels analogue, is a hoot to drive (although you have to be going much faster than in the 1M to truly appreciate it), and comfortably seats 4 and a baby. The car is not bloated with technology and since it is a 2017 it doesn't even have a backup camera!

The problem is that very few people actually want a car that is analogue or specified similar to my M3 (and is the same reason the 86 and brz don't sell well) even though they claim too. Even Bimmerpost is dominated by posts stating that "you have to get the executive package" or "I have got to have a HUD" and look at my "individual color/interior." Hell most of the M3/4 CS's are species with the exec package. These are what car buyers want and buy and where car manufacturers make money and dominate their focus.

Let's compare my F80 to how many so called "enthusiasts" say they would like to spec/modify/buy a car (can even be seen in the 1M forums with after market mods):

1. Good sounding exhaust - stock
2. "Race Seats" - stock
3. Upgraded wheels and tire size - stock
4. Functional carbon fiber parts - stock roof, drive shafts, and strut brace
5. Big brake kit - stock

All this can be had at or around invoice pricing and is a great deal from BmW.
I am with you on the F80. I loved mine, it was a 2015 model with MPE and HK radio as the only options. It was absolutely an enthusiast’s car. It felt light and agile, and IMO with an exhaust mod sounded good to me.

I sold it and I miss it - The stripper models early on weighed a lot less than a fully loaded Comp in 2018 and were mapped differently so the acceleration was violent much like the 1M on boost. My car weighed around 3450lbs on the truck scales that I use to weigh all my cars. If you spec it properly it can really change the feel of the car.

I also agree with you on Bimmerpost members. People want adaptive suspension on an already heavy M2C??? The luxury requests are confusing to me on a car that is supposed to be an enthusiast spec.