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Originally Posted by burnsniper View Post
Here are a couple others to consider:

1. Used Alfa 4c - would almost be a must buy with a manual.
2. Used GLA 45 AMG; if I stumbled across a preface-lift with buckets, aero package, and in Krypton Green it would almost be a must buy
3. M2 CSL if they make it
4. New Miata RF (would pair awesome with No. 2)
5. Ford Gt350R
6. Used C63 AMG Black in Yellow, White, or Red with the wing; I would definitely buy one of these (assuming I could find one) if it wasn't for the head bolt issues.

The depreciation curve on the first two is fierce and only make sense used. Four and five are great enthusiast cars but not necessarily for me

Personally, I think the next garage mate to my current fleet will be a used Ferrari 550 or 430 (manual) or an FF/GT4C, early Lamborghini Diablo (manual, rwd), Porsche GT3 or possibly a Taycan, or a Clown Shoe with an S54. The clown shoe and Porsche options just seem so boring (sense of occasion which is part of the 1M magic) compared to the Italian options for the money - however are obviously great/better cars.

I would also consider an used OG Tesla Roadster - what other car has been launched into space (although I am not a Musk fan)?
People are obsessed with the S54 version Clown Shoe, to the point where the car is wholly unaffordable and not worth anywhere near the differential commanded over the much more common S52 version (one of which I own). I don't get it. 240 HP is plenty of power for that car, you just need to know how to drive and how to accelerate in the gears. It's only a 5 speed, after all, and it's a small and light car. Plus the S54 version has a tendency to delaminate the subfloor, which wasn't designed for that powerful of an engine, and probably also has a higher likelihood of having been abused.

A nice S52 Z3M Coupe can probably be had for under $30K, and in a higher mileage version, way less than that.
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