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Anologue? I think I'd give the E9x M3 the last nod for being analogue. Even with its drive-by-wire throttle.
In some ways it's not analogue:
1. Smoother transition to loss of traction
2. More linear torque curve/power delivery (no overboost)
3. Pulls all the way to 7600 rpm
4. Sharper turn in

Also, the F80 has food road feel though the chassis (obviously not that great through the wheel). You notice a huge difference in this aspect in the M3 vs say a series loaner.

That being said, the 1M is by far the more fun and desirable car. It may be sacrilegious to say but comparing the 1M to the F80 is like comparing a 930 Turbo to a 991 Turbo - they both look cool, one is way more fun and tries to kill you, while the other one is perfectly engineered to devour the road.
I loved my 1M, it's 'raw' and certainly more 'analogue' than an F80...but when I think analogue, I think natural aspiration, preferably high-revving. E90 M3, GT4, etc.

Clearly that's a subjective judgement!